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Blush and Brush

​Madeline McCue

Education for MUAs 

and Cosmetologists

Madeline has worked succesfully in print, film/television, commercial and bridal as an MUA specializing in beauty, FX and light hair. She has created a career where she brings home a six figure salary doing what she loves and has created various programs to help other MUAs and cosmetologists do the same. Madeline can help you expand your existing business by teaching you and your team how to provide exceptional makeup services which many salons and spa's are lacking. Likewise, if you are looking to expand your knowledge of makeup as a freelance artists, she can teach you the skills needed to make the kind of income you dream of.


Makeup Kit with Brushes


100k MUA

This class is designed for cosmetologists and MUA's that feel they can expand their skill level both artistically and through their marketing and business practices. Learn how Madeline has managed to build her business to six figures in a relatively small market and the skills that have made her the go to for many of her client's and producers.


Bridal Business Bootcamp

 An onsite bootcamp for salons and spas whom either want to add makeup/bridal services or expand their offerings. Madeline will teach you and your team how to set your business apart from others in your market.  

The camp will culminate in a styled shoot with local vendors to use for future promotional materials.


Private Apprenticeship and Business Mentoring

Learn how to work as a proffesional makeup artist in any capacity that interests you. Whether you are a beginner or a burgeoning professional, Madeline can offer help and insight in areas where you may need artistic support or how you need to alter your marketing or business practices. This program is entirely tailored to the individual.

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